The following promo is an image spot that ran to promote what new and notable titles Bounce had in store for August 2020. Image spots are some of my favorites to work on because of the variety of content and the creative freedom.
The following are short promos I produced for Bounce. The majority of our spots that run are :15 and :10, so it is a fun challenge to get the message across. However, a lot of times - especially for comedic spots - these are the most fun to work on!
As a part of their promotional run for 2018's Proud Mary, starring Taraji P. Henson, Sony Pictures asked us at Bounce TV to create special vignettes featuring our Brown Sugar ambassador, icon Pam Grier!
I was fortunate to be able to serve as camera operator (and for fun, set photographer!) for our green screen shoot and one of two editors for these branded vignettes and teases. Many of them aired on the weekend before the film's release and three of them are housed on our Brown Sugar app. This was a really fun project and I am very proud of what we were able to produce.

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